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Angelo Xerri, General Manager, Logistics Australia

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Secrets of International Trading got everything inside and this is what new exporters needed. No particular agencies will tell you the A-Z of international business, especially export. A totally good website for everyone who have the dream of going beyond expectation and for exporters' to learn on dealing with exporting, trading, importing goods..." deyna.latif @

How to do Export Research? Initially export research to acquire information to make intelligent decisions can be collected from government agencies, banks, newspapers, journals or through the Internet.

In the international market place, the size of a company is not an important factor. Smaller firms have the advantage of serving market niches that large firms knowingly bypass to concentrate on expansion into markets that offer the greatest profit.

Documentation for Exporting Many countries require the exporter to complete and sign a Certificate of Value. The purpose is to discourage double invoicing whereby the importer presents one invoice for customs duty calculation but in fact pays the exporter a larger sum based on true invoice.


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