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Instant Money Ideas For Finding Business And Estate Capital

IWS-22 Instant Money Ideas for Finding Business and Real Estate Capital covers raising public money, real estate financing, borrowing methods, government loan sources, venture money--62 pages.

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Sure Steps For Raising Money

S-12 Sure Steps for Raising Money
Slim book containing 66 pages. 


Price : US$12.50 


How To Buy A Business With No Money Down

IWS-33 How to Buy a Business with No Money Down by Jeryn W. Calhoun. This book shows the reader how to buy a business of his or her choice without making a down payment on the business.

It gives sample purchase agreements, ways to value a business, procedures for making an offer, financing methods, no-down-payment strategies, negotiating techniques, handling objections, closing steps, legal considerations, accounting, understanding P & L statements, and making the business you buy prosper and grow. 130 pages. 

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You Can Get The Money: How To Finance Your Small Business Startup Or Expansion

IWS-39 You Can Get the Money: How to Finance Your Small Business Startup or Expansion by Robert E. Highman covers: how to borrow $90,000 from a stranger in 5 days; invest $500 to raise $329,000; free advertising in over 100 trade journals;

How 100% was borrowed to buy a building for retirement; more than 3,000 lenders; plus much more on getting the money for your new or existing business. 348 pages. 

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Free eBook
by Mike Enlow: Online Stealth Marketing


Free eBook Sun Tzu Art of War Leaders without strategy invite defeat.


101 Ways To Get 100+ Financing For Real Estate And Business

IWS-56 101 Ways to get 100+% Financing for Real Estate and Business gives specific, step-by-step ways to get 100+% financing for a variety of real estate and business activities.

Using the methods given you can often "mortgage out"--that is, borrow more money than needed for the deal in hand. All the methods given have been used at one time or another by various business and real estate wealth builders. 282 pages. 

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Money Agency
Planning Guide

IWS-53 Money Agency Planning Guide discusses everything from dealing with direct lenders to broker fee agreements; from developing direct lending sources to a formula for success--over 190 pages.

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How To Make Big Money In Real Estate

IWS-86 How to Make Big Money in Real Estate shows how you can make big profits in real estate in the 21st Century--even with no down payment.


Guerrilla Finance: How To Borrow Or Raise Up
To One Million Dollars In Spite Of Your Banker

IWS-62 Guerrilla Finance: How to Borrow or Raise Up to One Million Dollars in Spite of Your Banker by Sam Paradice.

This book provides you with over 100 smart angles, tactics, strategies and techniques to raise or borrow money in spite of your banker.

The tactics outlined in this book reveals how to raise or borrow up to $1,000,000 regardless of your credit rating. Click here to find out more! 

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Tyler G. Hicks, renowned consultant to wealth builders throughout the world, shows you how to: build your wealth with foreclosures; buy two properties a month with no down payment.

Nail down affordable financing in any market; build income from rents, services and parking fees; use smart financial controls to keep expenses down; collect rents and fees swiftly and efficiently;

Use creative real estate techniques to expand your fortune; and much much more. With a keen eye on current regulations and trends.


Hicks reveals his surefire secrets for building real estate riches in the 21st century. Includes step-by-step techniques, strategies, checklists, tables, charts and case studies. 340 pages, 6 x 9 inches, paperback.

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How To Make Millions In Real Estate
In 3 Years Starting With No Cash

IWS-72 How to Make Millions in Real Estate in 3 Years Starting with No Cash shows you how to live the good life that real estate ownership and investment can give.

Tyler G. Hicks shares his proven methods for finding prime bargain properties in today's market, financing your finds, and managing them for profit--in a few hours of your spare time, with no down payment.

The book is packed with ready-to-use strategies, step-by-step techniques and helpful case studies. It shows you how to: get 100% financing for real estate; put together zero-cash deals; "Mortgage out" and make big money every time; take over property for pennies; build enormous tax-free income;

Avoid the mistakes that bankrupt beginners; use smart financial controls to keep your expenses down; live free of charge in the best part of town; sell air rights over your property; buy cheap and sell high.

How to Make Millions in Real Estate in 3 Years Starting with No Cash contains Ty Hicks' field-tested secrets for building a real estate fortune in less time than you ever dreamed possible. 260 pages, 6 x 9 in., paperback.

Price : US$14.00  Checkout

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