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   Venture Capital

The many advantages of using our effective ways to get venture capital, seed capital, money and funds from venture capitalist, angel and investor for start up and entrepreneur.

We find and obtain any feasible amount that you or your company require.

Our global venture capitalists provide funds in the form of, but not limited to: "seed capital/start-up", development, expansion, turnaround and buy-out for any large, small, and medium-sized firms worldwide.


We help to find venture funds for you quickly, easily, inexpensively and We deliver what we promise, on schedule and on budget (we will explain later).

The services we render range from a simple and quick evaluation of a need as well as all the way to assisting in the preparation of a full business plan and its presentation to venture capitalists.

We have access to hundreds of worldwide venture capitalists
and Angel Investors seeking good, viable firms with deals of various types, our evaluation committee includes ten of the top venture-capital firms in the world.


We cater to every type of world wide businesses, especially technology-based firms and those in real estate.

We treat all proposals with full confidential.
In summary, our services include:

Proposal evaluation Assistance in executive summary & business plan preparation Venture-capital search.

Effective ways to get venture capital, seed capital, money & funds from venture capitalist, angel & investor for entrepreneur start up, Private or public sources of venture funds.


Our Range of Services

Project evaluation - We will evaluate the proposal you might have in mind and inform you of its chances of success for firms that have been rejected earlier (tried but failed in getting venture capital).


We can show you ways in which business idea/plan can be turned into a success, that is; "fundable" and attractive enough to venture capitalists.

Preparation of executive summary & business plan.

We will guide you in preparing the executive summary & business plan. We can also prepare complete business plans, therefore please contact us for the availability of this service.

Finding an interested venture capitalist

We will secure one or more interested venture capitalists and link you up with them to attain your capital. This may go quickly, or it might take weeks depending on the project, the amount of money needed, and the condition of the money market.

Upon successful linkage to the venture capitalist

They will contact you directly or through us to work out the details, inform you of the funds or options available, draw up a contract and enter into a successful business relationship enabling you to succeed in your ambitions.


Best of all, we do not collect any commission whatsoever from the successful transaction/funding.

This service is also applicable to Brokers or Agents.

All you need to do is to get our
Venture Capital Millions Kit and you're on the way to securing venture capital that has never been easier and cost-effective. Not only will you learn how to get venture capital easily by using the kit yourself, you are also able to rely on our special service to help you secure venture capital more effectively.


The Venture Capital Millions Kit extensively cover topics that will help you to secure; Venture Capital, Money, Venture capitalist and where business owner would very much like the idea of successfully getting to where they want to be;

Angel followed by Investor, Start up, Entrepreneur, Equity and finally the Business plan.


If you prefer to utilize our special Venture Capital services without the Venture Capital Millions Kit, CLICK HERE to Download our Application Form and All Necessary Documents

For serious applicants only. There will be a US$10 charge for documentation and processing fees per application.

We look forward to working with you towards the successful conclusion of securing Venture Capital for you and your firm.

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We are always here to assist you.
Your 1 Stop Venture Capital & Business Financing Center

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